NFC (Near Field Communications) opens up a new world of possibilities to connect everyday experiences with just a “tap”.

We create NFC experiences that users can access through the items they own. And solutions for product packaging and labels with interactive technology to increase customer engagement. 

Improve the customer experience with wearables, packaging and smart cards. Use our solutions to create and implement content through existing form factors to strengthen customer-brand relationships. 

Thanks to our many years of experience and broad expertise in the field of NFC and marketing, we can quickly and professionally determine what best suits your company.

Personalize your Golf club with a NFC sticker. When the sticker is tapped by a smartphone it will automatically generates an email message to you. Also applicable to all other golf attributes.

Direct customers to your place

In-product marketing offers companies a direct, highly effective way to gain and retain customers, drive up-sells and cross-sells, and realize the most value from their prospective and established customers.

Create Loyalty cards, Coupons

No extra card, but when "tapping" the object, a voucher, coupon or access card is displayed on the smartphone. Because of its unique character, the value is exclusive and the seller can set validation for time and location.

Traffic & ROI measuring

Analyse how and where products are being interacted with. Measure the effectiveness of campaigns and their associated content. Gain insight into who is engaging with your objects and where.

No need to open special apps 

Bring the Internet of Things to life by driving consumer experience through smarter products. Use the marketing power of your customers by in-product marketing and let your customers “pull” you

What we do?


You want campaigns that wow and turn heads. We create a brand moment that stand out the single best achievement that a company can reach for. When your brand hits the mark with its customers with a creative campaign strategy, the results can be astounding.


Our international network team has over 50 years combined experience in the field of digital marketing, from both the vendor and partner side. This allows us from from a deep well of industry knowledge when consultingand serving our partners. You are getting the strategic advise of the best in business.

Development & roll-out

We take care for realisation, roll-out and control. Our services include digital, technical, print, handling, logistics and all what is needed to make your promotion successful.