EVENT "goodie" marketing

June 6, 2019

Whatever event you organize, maximizing sales and / or customer satisfaction is probably one of your biggest goals. In our digital age, standard “event goodies” are no longer sufficiently appealing and certainly not increasing sales or stimulating brand involvement. Annual B2B events, B2C events and fundraisers must find the perfect balance between increasing involvement and budget. During and after the event.

Goodie valuation

According to the Global Meetings and Events Forecast reports, for a B2B event more than 60% of the event costs are spent on marketing, promotion and printing. Most of these are costs that are made for activities before and during the event. Part of these costs concern the “Event goodies”. Products with a logo and / or a statement. The (re) use can often be disputed. Usually the “goodie” disappears in a drawer or worse. However, when “Event Goodies” are designed and produced in a smarter way, a powerful marketing and promotion tool and loyalty booster is created. The valuation of the “goodie” is made up of the product itself plus the frequently changing information and promotions in the product.

Promotional Hotspot

In principle, a so-called NFC (Near Field Communication) chip can be placed in every “goodie”. An app is loaded by touching it to a smartphone. The app is controlled by a smart CMS platform. Video, webshop, Image, Social-Media etc. are just a few options. And because the NFC chip is unique, specific apps or messages can be displayed per chip. With the possibility to make this “geo” dependent. In this way, the “goodie” becomes a personal information and promotional hotspot.

Customer reference

Our client Bluedesk organized a Golf event for relations. These relations received a “pitchfork” with “ballmarker” as confirmation of the invitation.
The NFC chip in the ball marker gives all the details of the invitation. Including the interactive route description. After the event the content was changed and kept up to date. The “goodie” is therefore not only a useful tool for the golfer but also an interesting source of information. With this, Bluedesk has implemented a new communication channel.

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