Make your Golf products a personal & promotion hotspot

Create a new channel — a fully brand-owned and controlled sales and communication channel that connects directly to Golf players and Golf businesses. We transform your physical golf products into digital platforms by implementing technologies like NFC and QR.
Consumers interacting with these technologies — using their phone to tap directly on existing products — activate digital experiences that serve as personalized, one-to-one communication channels. Data goes directly to you.

Create a direct connection by using physical golf products to deliver content directly to your target groups.
You deliver and collect information to create a better consumer experience and a better way to stay in touch with target groups.
The experiences are personalized to users based on how often a product is used, whether it has been sold, its location and more.

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Golf products which can have a NFC Tag

Divot repair tools Wear



Flag sticks




Ball markers 


Clubs Signs 


The events are numerous

Golf tournament invitation
  • Tournament information
  • Registration
  • Payment
  • Resort navigation
Sponsor promotion
  • Brand awareness and information
  • Voucher distribution (free drink, discount etc.)
  • Customer registration and collection
  • Social media integration
  • e-Commerce
Charity fundraising programs
  • Promotion and donation
  • Social media integration
  • Hole-in-One registration and payment collection
  • e-Commerce
Resort information and promotion
  • Golf course information
  • Tee time information and reservations
  • Buggy information and reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • e-Commerce
  • Social media integration

Golf Tournament invitation

Send your invitation including a “sponsored” ball marker, Divot repair tool or another Goodie invitation. The NFC chip provides all the details of the invitation. Including the interactive route description. After the event, the content can be changed and kept up-to-date. The ‘goodie’ is therefore not only a useful tool for the golfer, but also an interesting source of information. This creates a new communication channel beyond your golf course/event.

Resort information and bookings

By using NFC tags at the resort’s reception, entrance doors, changing rooms, restaurant and more, you can keep your guests informed of your resort. Have them book tee times or restaurant reservations. Also show them the layout, your newest offer and let them visit your webshop. Information, scoreboard, events, videos and offers just by a touch. Your guests do not feel “spammed” because they are the ones who ask for it. Simply by a simple touch.

On-site Hole-in-One & other Donations

Touch, register and pay. Online transactions on the green. Real time, easy and safe. Through the integration of social media, the donations are lifted to a higher level. Also stay in touch for future events and share more about your charity Golf days.

Sponsor promotion

When the phone is kept close to the NFC tag, the world of the internet will open, anything that is possible online can also be done on the smartphone. Video, webshop, Image, social media etc. are just a few options. Including personal vouchers for discounts and freebies. And because the NFC chip is unique, specific apps or messages can be displayed per tag. With the possibility to make this “geo” dependent. In this way the ‘goodie’ becomes a personal information and promotion hotspot..

Personalize your Golf club; “never lose another club”

Personalize your Golf club with a (sponsored) NFC sticker. When the sticker is tapped by a smartphone it will automatically generates an email message to you. Also applicable to all other golf attributes.