How to benefit from NFC Smart Active Marketing

February 11, 2019

Since the first “smart” NFC posters were made in 2006, not much has happened with NFC in the field of marketing.
NFC was mainly used for static information and actions. Initially provided with all kinds of information, such as works of art in a museum and a short biography of a person on a poster. And for payment and access systems.

Later, when more mobile manufacturers implemented standard NFC in their mobile phones, all kinds of NFC apps were developed.
Now people can “program” their own personal NFC tags. They can have a tag with e.g. a url, a link to social networks, automatic wifi connection, telephone connections, playlist and many more options. But everything is communication of almost only one direction.

Today, Smart Content Management systems (CMS) use the unique NFC ID. In addition to the unique identifier (UID), these tags can be programmed with a URL that is combined in the CMS with the UID and some variable tag information. In this way, each tag is a single point of information and action.

Authentication and registration

Let’s take our “jeans” again as an example. My jeans is very valuable and I want to know if it is real and not a fake. The manufacturer uses NFC to authenticate its insurance measure for brand reputation. And when I tap my Jeans, I can read that it’s real.

At the same time I can register my Jeans and read the DNA of the Jeans. How it was manufactured, the materials used and why they were chosen, whether the item is sustainable, organic etc.

And of course I am interested in promotions. But only if I ask for it, in other words if I tap it. Because my jeans are unique, I only see exclusive (only for me) promotions. Inherent to location, time and event. So when I tap when I’m on the beach, I may see summer-related promotions.

Loyalty card

Now that my Jeans is registered, it can also be a “loyalty card”. No extra card, but when I tap it, a voucher, coupon or access card is displayed on my smartphone. Because of its unique character, the value is exclusive and the seller can set validation for time and location. A combination is possible because of the smart management. For example, my exclusive discount or access is only valid if I have registered.

What have we learned?

Embedding of NFC can be used as a new sales channel. Products sell themselves and generate extra income. In-product experiences may include additional products that encourage customers to make additional purchases with one tap.
It gives the experience of an exclusive community and a special customer who gets exclusive access to the content and events, which only advertise those with the product.

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