don’t PUSH  trigger PULL

March 3, 2019

Pull marketing is the future when it comes to capturing the attention of your consumers in a non-intrusive manner.
People like to have more control over when and what marketing messages they see. Marketing now even more aims at understanding the behaviour of the consumer to target him/her via promotional mediums.
But, if the behavioural data suggests that a consumer is interested in a particular product category there still is the time and medium factor.

A solution is delivering value via “in-product” communication, instead of overly aggressive and spammy via apps and email.

So use the marketing power of your customers by in-product marketing and let your customers “pull” you.
In-product marketing offers companies a direct, highly effective way to gain and retain customers, drive up-sells and cross-sells, and realize the most value from their prospective and established customers.

Let’s take our jeans with the example of the NFC embedded label. The buyer will first communicate to register his new Jeans. In return, you offer an exclusive promotion or a voucher. The buyer learns that he has become a special club member and you often reward him for every interaction. Use exclusive promotions, entertainment or interactive content. And because NFC is mobile, you can also have your content localized.

Because the Jeans label contains a unique identifier (UID), you know when and where the Jeans owner interacts your brand. So you can prioritize your marketing campaigns based on relevance, product version, localization and seasonality.
And although you do not know the owner contact details, you know that he has a Jeans including a lot of other details. For example model, size, when bought, where and when the owner interacts, etc. And of course you can always ask for contact details for other marketing campaigns.

Good to know

Embedded NFC stickers can be stuck on posters, labels, fabrics, metal, store windows and tickets with a compelling message that encourages consumers to tap on them. 

The NFC market is expected to grow 17.9% over the next 10 years. A significant reason for the growth is the fact that Apple has started backing NFC.
NFC is synonymous to cardless payments but it can do so much more than that. As a tool for proximity marketing, NFC has been used by big brands and small businesses to promote products and improve the in-store experience. Given that the NFC market will be worth $50 billion by 2025 according to the NFC forum, it is time to include NFC in your marketing arsenal. (Source: Beaconstac)

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